Saturday, November 29, 2008

Malaysia customs KANASAI ! :@

I hate it nw stuck at malaysia customs! Could they make it air conditioned? So damn hot! And i wonder whose idea is it to use the bloody card still must write somemore. I'm waiting to eat my duck kuay teow with the chili hot and yummy delicious! Damn it still someway to the 'chop' At least cooler now ! One thing singapore telecoms network gd i still got network yeah. I got two network with me nw M1 and singtel. Better send this online nw since there is network!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm going to work!

La la la going to work now First day go work siah !

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Creative Crew is expanding!

We got quite a lot of appliation forms filled up and that means more members ! Stefano(Manager of the user group) asked our co-manager to pass me the forms to type but i couldnt possibly type it out, my own computer crashed and kinda using my brother's computer (he is not very happy with the arrangement though) If i used had to tolerate him Argh! Wait till i get my hands on my own laptop! And currently finding a job, very difficult to find one during this period of time, couldn't possibly rot at home! But Stefano need not work so hard ( He needs to take care of his wife(Very Impt) ;-) ) I got my friend Linus to take care of the work since he could type it in the weekends he said.
Crews who were there that day, some of us went to have
Pizza Hut.
In the end we took pics with the speakers(Tim Cole too) and Ms Marianne Young !
* Stefano take care of your wife, wishing her get well soon ! :-)

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Adobe sure cares!

Firstly, in our kit was a obscene dildo. Secondly, the programmes work seamlessly together. Thirdly, the speakers were good except the sponsor's speakers which was boring. Forthly, we got quite a lot who join Creative Crew.
Fifthly, It was good of them to give us a copy each of the Creative Suite 4 Master Collection(Shoik hor!)
Last but not least i got a Adobe Creative Suite 4 Jacket(cool!- yar for EXTREMELY cold temperature, gonna make me look like a POLAR BEAR, Yes it is WHITE!)
Ashley Wearne, was damn crappy. He kinda made the place look like a cult. He asked us to raise our hand in the end he asked us to put our hand in our pockets to get out our credit cards Hahas!
*Actually the Dildo that was named in the first paragraph was a water bottle member of the crew also have similiar thought on the design of the water bottle but it was CLASSY !

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Met Tim Cole

Saw tim yesterday. But i could not direct him to concord hotel. I'm living in singapore and dunno where it is was very pai seh!(embarrassing) later having my breakfast most likely!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was at Suntec just now!

I saw the Rock, people were setting up the place for the launch! Met one of the speakers. I went to catch a movie at Eng Wah warh sound quality was shoik and it was digital better than gv a little better than cathay but cathay the seats good! I watched James Bond Quatum Of Solace. Not much gadgets and girls (You know what i mean by that) as the shows before
I like James Bond Die Another Day. The car swee swee(nice!) Overturned still can move plus the satelite. But this time round the fighting and escaping plus the car manuver was well captured plus the extremely good sound Quality. Another thing was the storyline was kind of confusing and the movie was not ended nicely. Hmm this new bond better than the old? I wished i had the table that was in the movie. Every bond movie sure got gal do funny things (kissing,etc) but this time round they or i should say the director changed his style of doing it as they cut off the 'unnessary' parts unlike the ol! der versons. Hahas but i still Prefer HITMAN UNRATED good show kinda gt killing and assasination but gt nude scenes if ue dun mind watch if you mind maybe you should watch the rated version, maybe no nude scenes i not sure as i have not watched the censored someone bluetooth me the movie. Another would be jeeja yanin chocolate(thai) and untraceable (watched it in german or hungarian voice if im nt wrong)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Atm card cnt Activate !

Warh liao eh! My atm card just cannot be activated try two times at the atm machine still cannot activate. Wan make card make better 1 dun make problematic ones ryte?

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Haiz finding job is kanasai (Pek Chek argh!) :@

Finding jobs nowadays are difficult ! Finding jobs when the whole world is having financial problems is worst! When would the bull market come again? Ten years later? Warh very long leh! Fast cum better lol get more jobs lol!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adobe and Yahoo renovating !

Warh both adobe and yahoo are renovating making FUG members nowhere to house the meeting making shun jie busy finding a alternative event for FUG . I would suggest nus the wan near Dhoby ghaut mrt they sponsored Podcamp singapore. May they would sponsor FUG the venue. IF not try av8 at waterloo street or ACE at albert OG both near bugis but must walk thats my suggestions. Poor Guy btw thanks for the email!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mad man robs bank !

ChannelNewsAsia: Man arrested for threatening UOB bank officers with parcel that might explode.
That man must be kuku(crazy!) Go rob bank in Singapore? He sure has the guts but the brain? Not too sure about that! Maybe none at all ! Long long time never hear go bank kena rob in singapore already lerhs! Tomorrow most likely coverpage big big wan!

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Saw Cynthia!

I ate finish my mixed vegetable rice liao. Just now when i was eating i saw Cynthia and her mum and also her dad most likely. Hahas she never noticed me she passed the shop at where i had dinner. Hehes most likely she not working today as i didn't saw her at loyang point when i was having my lunch today i ate chicken rice the auntie not bad with me wan! I ate roasted chicken wing ! Soup was nice got peanut some more!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My thumb hurts!

Typing all these post on my mobile hurts my thumb! I am sleeping soon! Tired Good Nites ;-)

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Buying Vista? Don't buy!

If you are thinking of purchasing vista, do not purchase! Wait a while more for Windows 7 to be out !

Xperia X1 launched!

I was one of the feel that meedled with a working Xperia X1 today at Singtel Hello when i asked 3 has already been sold at the outlet ! Wow! Fast huh! Quite difficult to use maybe nt familiar with the new design of the menus as it is the first Sony Ericsson phone to use Windows Mobile ! They didn't use the fast port that they commonly used for Sony Ericsson phones nowadays but instead used those small usb port and has dedicated audio kind of port (glad they implememted the port as the old port gets lose easily if used often! When you keep bending it when taking out the headset from the phone ) the charging has to be via the usb port. I dun like the change from the fast port to the usb i would rather they kept the fast port looks nicer flat from the outside shiny gold not easily dirtied and easily cleaned. While it would not be easy to clean a usb port. Actually tried the panels menu felt that it was quite laggy. If i would wan to buy that phone i would wai! t for people to buy and know whether the phone is good and whether it has any problems first few batches may have problems would be worth the wait! I've learnt my lesson! The price that i estimated was around the price on the market now! It is quite high-end on the overall mobile market in singapore! Another was the Iphone. Dunno whether G-phone would be hitting stores here in singapore! If coming in also need government parkay(approve)! Takes time (longer time to wait for phone to be avaliable for sales in singapore) Yah, shipping also takes time! ;-) Actual phone easier to test. And also looks smaller! (for Xperia X1)

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Shoik after swim? Nehs not so!

Today's swim was not shoik after all. As i was not much energised and refreshed after the swim but about the same as before! I only swam 41+ laps only. Water Quality was not the optimum! Quite dirty, Yucks! :-S My googles kept getting blurred up by mist. In the end i added a bit of water to inside of the googles. It works good idea of mine! :-D hehes! Oh Ya almost forgot! There was this bunch of guys and girls also swimming most for likely competitive swimming. Quite fast i must say! Most likely they train every saturday around that time evening start . Lyk the same people i dun thing i would be like them as wouldn't be going to swim competitive. Most likely swimming towards lifesaving and instructor see how it goes . Still quite a long way to become a lifeguard. Next most likely going for BM series then must learn CPR if in nt wrong then can become lifeguard. Fun eh? Beep! Beep! I think at tamp that pool everyday also got people kena beep at wan! Jus! t now almost kena accident at the pool!
This is how the story goes: Jiong Hao was swimming his laps. When a girl with blue racing swimsuit (most likely arena, you know the type competitors wear at swimming competitions, so does it make the body slimer and more streamlined? So faster speed when swimming?) swam in his direction. Jiong
Hao thought that hmm i should swim to my left then thought i should swim to my right instead! So he swam to his right! Who knows that girl also swam to that direction at quite a fast speed. The girl almost collided into Him but missed. If head to head collision, JIALAT(BIG PROBLEM!) If you take her mass times her acceleration and my mass times my acceleration (Force= Mass x Acceleration). Big Trouble. Huh? Actually physics quite useful ! So those taking 'o' levels must learn physics hor !

Bird in bus!

Hies i am nw in bus 58 and a bird is also taking the same bus as me shocking! On a sbs transit bus! Siah larh so 'lucky'! Still gt leave traces on the bus yucks!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother Teresa

Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. A quote from Mother Terasa .


Black man in a White House! Wads the average RGB value of a Black pixel and a white pixel? Ans: R:128 G:128 B:128

Quote from Senator Obama

those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the people: Yes, we can. - Obama

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Firrt Black President for America !

Black won! Wad ue think? Black a change for America!

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When did smrt fare gate system become so jialat? My card obviously nt expired nt spoiled but the gate says invalid card! Then must be system spoil! But later i tap and tap again magic ue knoe?! Gate open! Dunnoe why sometime siao siao wan ! Some time the faregate tap give red light! SMRT must improve system later the new card cum out kena more problem then jia lat! Btw have ue thought of it? More card more material used more money used more pollution for the environment then dun ue think ue should wonder where the money come from? Must be from the tax payers The government's idea but It's for the good of singapore. I see GOVERMENT always correct ! PEOPLE NO TALK GOVERNMENT ALWAYS RIGHT!(talk waste saliva!) PAP best! Just accept the fact lol! It's for your own good!

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Mt paper over liao!

Yeah my Mother Tongue 'o' levels exam over liao! Relax siah left two more shading paper ue know the mcqs ? Yah those lols very irritating must shade shade waste my time later shade the paper sometimes will black black wan no good dun like! Wonder whose idea it is?

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Lets wait for change as Obama promised! He gd at speaking and at commanding the crowd people repect him i too respect him. Unlike John he's kinda too bossy if ue ask me about him. Hmm Obama has a important role ahead of him cleasing his country's more than a tirllon dollars of debt he must work and prove himself that he is worthy of their vote( The people's vote) He's Supporter must be celebrating by nw hahas!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black or White?

I prefer Obama to John Mcain! So lets wish he would hbve a change for the world! And also clear US's debt which has accumulated to a either trilion or more us dollars. Hmm i thought US very rich? Dun nd to borrow? Still gt debt? How shocking! HEARD THAT SINGAPORE DEBT FREE! But Singapore is a 'fine' country ! Our goverment very efficient! Got ERP(Electronic Road Pricing) siah somemore payment also very fast ue drive past the grantry ur $$ all go to the goverment liao! MOST LIKELY THE FASTEST MONEY COLLECTING SYSTEM FOR ROADS IN THE WORLD 'VERY GD' HOR? Everything the government do is for our own gd leh. It improves our road what the government claims. In singapore must follow law if kena caught get kena letter or fine or court ! So follow!

It looks hazy!

From the time i walk across the street i could see that 2dae kinda hazy with pretty lots of dust in the air! Has Indonesia been burning down the forest? Most likely if nt because of the wind turbulence across the globe that caused it? if indonesia is the culprit they should have tighter laws implemented!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Disqus up and running now !

Disqus up and running now! Now ppl like you surfing my blog/site could now comment on the post through disqus. Just feel free to post on the site! As i said this is a new blog which i created the old one was not updated frequently as i do nopt have the time to post! This blog is powered by mostly by mobile blog posts thus would be blogged more often maybe up to quite a few times a day! Thus ppl would nw be using disqus to post on my site! Yahoo!


Mcafe nice??? A video of Mcafe click to watch!

Ericsson Review Q3

Got my Ericsson Review via mail on saturday for third quarter this year. When i got home i saw the big envelope from Ericsson. I WAS EXCITED wondering wad was in the review for this quarter. What was in stored for me was gonna be a surprise for me btw they changed the design of the ericsson review logo which i noticed. Haben had the time to read the whole review of Q3 as of nw only read a part of it ! Having exams so no time! Realli ! But gonna end sn but gonna wan to work after that if nt stay at hme would rot siah but mst likely would give myself off day and mst likely a second tuesday of the month as gonna have a user group meeting in the nites so see ya for nw!

At mac nw!

Hmm i nw at mac savouring my fd, my breakfast. The auntie there was nice she knew wad i want kinda a frequent customer. while another customer is at the counter and ordering with her kids around her she saw me nt the person at the counter but another of the crew and poof i got my fd gd job that should how macdonald's shld be that branch Loyang Point, Pasir Ris, Singapore

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nvr go podcamp singapore!

Aiyas yesterdae nvr go podcamp sg friend nvr go so in the end also nvr go instead went out with my family members But if they had held it at suntec or a place easy to go i would have gone most likely but yes the adobe must go bk liao marhx once in a few years! get to be updated of the latest improvements and changes

FW: Adobe Reader 9 & Philippine Diving :-)

Must read worh help my friend win !
Company Adobe !

Anyone gt GD LOBANG ?

So any lobang? Here looking for temporary job for after 'o' levels gt long break marhx Dun wish to rot at home. Hehes maybe if can find a gd job with gd pay and if i get enough $$$ left maybe, maybe only, could get erm dslr or Xperia X1? Maybe only hahas ! Must work towards it lols yeah! But first my 'O's then find a job then... ... See how it goes hehes! Watching tv nw going to sleep soon! Must Relax marhx!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who's a Weasel?

Nokia the famous name 4 a handphone brand is actually means Weasel in finnish. Geeks remember? Nokia is from Finland ! Did you know what you know as Nokia started out in 1865 and as a wood-pulp mill in southerm Finland, manufacturing paper? And was also originally known as Finnish Rubber Works? So the next time ue see ur peers using a Nokia phone Say to them ue using a Weasel?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !

Just remember 2dae is halloween! So Happy Halloween! To all!

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Thanks Miss Chan & Her Kentang (potatoes) dun tink dirty like my friends pls!

Miss Chan are ue one of the setter??? I think so ue knoe? But by the way thanks for the 'potatoes' ! Before that we were like warh liao potato experiment again arh sian larh everytime also potato! But her potato experiment rocks nw after biology paper 2 it came out 2dae and of course most would get it correct. If ue didn't set the paper we must also thank you and also the lab tech auntie who ue asked to 'disect' the potatoes for our use the experiment every time we need it . I think she had a hard time cutting the potatoes many of it for 2 classes. She should have been familiar to the potatoes and the method of cutting by now! HAHAS If auntie you are reading this thank you !(Ms Chan's idea nt mine! ;-) ) we hated potatoes experiment remember? HATED = PAST TENSE! A VERY KAMSIAH Badrul dare to have potatoes? Dun ue think it tastes better?

Official Adobe CS4 Launch

I'm going and whoever going see yah guys there dun knoe whether ìt's gonna be mega but i heard that full already! So those who regìstered Yipee! Pretty early though at 8:30 am gonna enjoy! Lucky, i booked early ! Hehes! If ue wan to go go register and wish that people would nt go then!


Having breakfast nw at Macdonalds having sausage mc muffin and hot tea and later must prepare 4 biology! Bye byes!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sucky banner outside sch

Recently my school hang a banner 4 the open house and looking at it the printing very gd though but could pass when seen from afar! Couldn't blame them they have a budget to keep! Ms Chan is becoming popular!

2moro BIOLOGY!

Lub dub lub dub that is how the sounds Brrr scaryz trouble brewing must overcome it jiayous to all a while more to tahan then shoik lerhs! Get out of that CAGE(SEC SCH)! Bye bye and gd nitez yawn! :-o Still stuck on board the bus! Tired wan go hme relax!

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Good Service!

Jeff family restaurant at tampines interchange that area behind the interchange has good service they might sell commonly found mixed rice but a guy most likely the boss has very good service worth recomending!

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Hmm Xperia X1 sounds weird? Then ue must nt knoe this tis phone ìs to be released in singapore soon! But then maybe not to soon, i expect to be delayed as always for those who are always around might have heard me talk about long long time ago months before. It is gonna be a major breakthrough for Sony Ericsson the first windows mobile phone by SE. May have bugs and problems, lucks to Sony Ericsson Engineers to learn the new stuffs for the new xperia. Wish to have 1 hehes gt wifi can go surf web at almost anywhere that has WiFi for free except for battery needs charging! ;-) So check it out ! Developers heard the SDK out for Xperia X1 :-D

Dìsqus? Nt yet

Nt using as yet do nt have the time to solve the problem! There has been an error msg from blogger,its their fault if nt i would have it up and would have a new commenting system which i would be able to reply to your comments while on the go. So for nw pls stick to the comnenting system if ue were to comment if ue are nt happy with me about my post this includes my previous posts.Freedom of Speech(DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!)
Thank you!

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Hmm the story goes ... ...
It started yesterday when he told me i bought a new mobile phone is it my problem? Huh? Ok then if he gt a new phone. So i asked wad model he got! He wouldn't tell me. Buy new phone tell me about it model dun wan tell funni ryte? Crappy he sae tell me 2moro means 2dae when from afar i kinda guessed he gt w910i but nt too sure when i saw it up close it was like what the f*#k? He really got that phone looks im right! Copycat! Copy copy copy onlì muz be original no copy bcos i gt same phone marhs but luckily nt same colour i red he white marhz but hate it lolz ppl use this phone one year plus lerhs he nw buy copy arh but nevermind my friends would knoe the original from a fake!
Cheers ;-)
Ue dun like ue sae dun like i sae

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot hot singapore

Woah juz board the bus cooling the weather is so hot cannot take it siah luckily my sch have air con hall. When taking exam have air con shoik! Going to sch liao on bus 109 Siti teaching me last minute phys rush cramp cramping! See where gt time UPGRADE BLOG? Siah la going off the bus soon! Stay Tuned


Would my blog be upgraded? I also do not know i currently have no time. This blog is currently under alpha(testing). Further modification would make use of lots of brain cells and im having exams thus lots of brain cells would already been used up thus nt much left to do scripting that would have to wait until i have enough brain cells ;-) so juz stay with it until then i would nt be able to link any of ue too ;-) if there were any request but ue could request nonetheless thats all for now dudes!

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Linking Me

Those who links to me or going to link to me or anything like wise please email me ur details include ur name and email with hp number would be good if ue are from overseas pls include ur country and area code for singapore pls indicate with +65 in front of ur hp number. Feel free to link to my blog if you do nt knoe my email kindly go to and find 4 my email address for those who know my email address send it to the email address ue are given do nt msg me ur details i might lose it in any case ue might wan to imform me ue have linked me no problem. i would nt have the time to link ue mst likely until after 13nov08 and but if ue have twitter ue cn add me on twitter at tanjionghao

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online or not?

When im nt online doesn't mean im realli nt online ;-)

Grace goh shi eng ue free liao hor?

Shi en free liao ryte? Sch holidae liao gd lols eh thanks 4 the add on facebook nt too slow! Hehes ;-)

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Stuck at libarary mugging! o lvl physics 2moro.

Haìz kinda sucks nw at library mugging away saw my schoolmates just now also cramming data in to their portable hard drives(brain) a hard process tiring too! One needs to be patient. I think i browsing math later cramping session.

Phototaking Tips

1. When taking a photo of someone, hold the camera at the person's eye level.That makes the picture more intimate and engaging.
2. Keep the background clean, especially when taking group shots. Don't have things like lamp posts and branches sticking out of people's heads
3. Shoot with the sun behind the photographer
4. Don't take portaits when the camera is on the extreme wide angle because people wil look distorted. Take a few steps back then zoom in to reframe the subject.
5. And if you are using your camera phone, here are more tips: Do not shoot indoors unless the lighting is good or your phone camera has a built in flash.
6. Move in close in order to maximize details. Forget zoom because the picture quality of zoomed pictures is generally bad.
7. Keep your phone steady as you are taking the picture because the steadier you hold, the sharper the image will be.
Adapted frm The New Paper-28/10/08
I too! k time to type this so apreciate it.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Finished breakfast!

Warh juz nw the food makes me full nìce breakfast! Yum yum

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Hearty breakfast

Juz now wating at the queue in to get our food warh quite long siah many people.

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thetechnewsblog from a company? Or personal? I don't knoe so i ask (don't know must ask wad right?) So wish to get a reply from thetechnewsblog by the way if ue are wondering currently have no time to sit down at my com to use thus have not added you(thetechnewsblog) yet! See ya nice to mt ue who ever you are

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Happy Depavali

Wishing all netizens a happy depavali! (A public holiday in singapore!) Yahoo! Yipee!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do you believe in 缘份(affinity-in chinese)?

My sch's security guard is friendly and shares stories with others and chats too this is the type of guard that i like nt those that pull a long face all day long he once chats with me and told me about affinity, affinity is a topic that is difficult to explain! People often say if they have affinity they would meet again(at times without arranging to meet!). SO DO YOU BELIVE IN IT? I do believe if i and you have affinity we would me one day starting as total strangers and end up as friends by chatting. There was once when i went back to my primary school. My primary sch teacher has retired thus she was nt around but i went back saw my friend and went over and later sharilyn greeted each of us and i smiled and greeted back. But in the back of my head was do i know her foreign to me i must have known her and i must forgotten her
So i asked my friend abt her he said he was from the same class as her seems like i forgotten her later we exchanged contact! s and went out of the sch for no specific reason i met up with her and knoe her and that she was my former sch mate don't ue call this affinity?
Jiong Hao

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Kopitiam,Compass Point

Hi to all! Juz nw went over to SENGKANG.Hey im human and need to makan(malay for eat) ryte? So went to the food court,KOPITIAM. I ate chicken rice hehes i lyk it. It has SUCCULENT and JUICY , YUMMY ! A incident happened to me just now! Ya, at the kopitiam. The story is as follows ... ...
As i was searching for a table for 3 person, my mum and brother was with me too. Thus 3 people if ue were wondering ;-) . Searching and searching plenty of people, a lot! Is Compass Point that popular? Nevermind where was i? Yah, searching then saw this girl seating at a table savouring her food. Only she was eating at her table her siblings and mother seems to be waiting 4 her to complete eating and about to leave. She later stood up and took her stuff. I saw her and of course she saw me (im nt a ghost) i was standing near her table in wish that they were leaving and could get a seat. When she saw me i tried to give a smile(kinda hard to give one smile if ue c a gd l! ooking young lady ). Nature doing it's job?(who knows!) She went to use the tap beside her seat i was still there. Waiting( kinda stupid har!) Waiting for he ppl to leave. When she was done she walked ovr i asked her are they your sister in chinese but i dun think she heard me she told me that the table was taken in english smiling i smiled this time nt so forced hahas! Her smile was so attractive! ;-) She was so lonely alone in the Kopitiam eating at a table without anybody she knows wouldn't she feel uncomfortable?( For me i would. But i like to enjoy my food alone in a peaceful environment or with frens chatting)
I have no choice but to find a another place to seat! I actually hesitated and wanted to pass her my namecard of course would like to get hers. (Nayang high sch netball) If ue are reading this contact me ok? Ue knoe whu i am and i knoe whu ue are no way to fake;-)
Jiong Hao

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fug and creative crew merge?

Would be gd if both fug and creative crew to merge under1 and have branches of different specialities ( flash,flex,ps,ae and sn on) ryte? Both syndicates are in talks ! (On sum stuff) ;-)
Jiong Hao

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Aft lunch!

Erm after lunch( had at pasir ris central) later went to grab a can of jolly sandy hmm tasty esp in this scorching heat juz hate it soo hot im going ovr to tamp regional libarary thats all folks 4 nw bye bye

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Aiyaas went to have my haircut

Hmm after washing up and looking at it still nt bd though flipped through the mag with jap hair styles saw 1 that suit me and then poof it's on me most likely have improvements to suit my head done when he cut! Coming online sn

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Rise and shine !

mornings to all! 2dae saturday already so fast and 2moro gonna be sunday ! Today is the tomorrow ue worry abt yesterday . Heys dun worry lols wads use worrying ryte relax and those taking their o lvl this year must jia you still gt many papers to cum 忍(ren-third sound) this word means to persevere/tolerate a word to all! Thats all maybe i shld go gym or jus slp? Haiz who cares Wonder there is doramon(jap anime-a robotic cat,ppl cor him xiao ding dang!) showing later on tv? Luv that show

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Halloween Coming ! :-D

Any folks in sg celeberating halloween or is there any special event? (Saw people carrying 'carved' pumpkin styled container for popcorn! idea came frm thereB-))

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Nice show 20th century boys

The show itself was great there was the guy frm waterboys the 'mad' guy who always dances and the guy who 'taught' the syncronised swimmers how to swim. He was like such a idoit in the movie of the 20th century boys clicking his fingers snapping his fingers as he go hahas and later got killed if i'm nt wrong. And by a member of a cult. And the cult leader named 'friend' there is also 1 part where is slow motion and when he got killed his expressions are kinda funny fairly well 4 that show

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Inside the cinema le

Kinda sux still having advertisements plenty of it sucky has but the show gd or not gd nt known yet! ;-)

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Watchhng movie sn

Yarh chiong arh rushing to gv tamp nw my show starting siah and i nw stuck on the snailing bus 21 sucks hahas going off sn liaos watching the show 20th century boys hehes yipee! B-)

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