Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saw David Gan !

Warh just nw saw David Gan ! As i was going in to the gents he was pull his stuff along as he was walking out i moved to a side and made space for him and said hi and he said hi back cool ! Ehs those ppl who wan 2 become hot must find him he can make ue hot ! I think he is flying off to some event overseas !

Jiong Hao

Worh 2dae have lab test !(Pi Pok Pi Pok!)

The heart have 2 work hard pumping the blood to the brain to keep oxygenised keeping it focused ! When the person is nervous the person's body is prepared for fight or flight situation !(Biology: Thanks to Miss Chan ! ) Me must have fight situation then ! Hate tests !

Jiong Hao

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Singapore no Tsunami but rain! shit jusu nw kena rain nw on bus cold siah(nt really because of the rain but the air-conditioning!) Brrr !

Monday, July 20, 2009

I guess i'll post my post nw!

I guess i'll post my post nw. After gasping in plenty of air, after running so much(short strip of road) Just as i thought after the bus went another 1 came i'm in luck 2dae huh? Nw going sch lols sumore first lesson Emath lagi jialat at least i got clamise to pei me through it =P

Jiong Hao