Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jrock is nice !

I am typing this while listening to Phantasmagoria's Song ! Yeah JRock! Nice! Heard BLEAH 230 just Released Yesterdae Nite !!!

Share your memories online with anyone you want anyone you want.

Changi Airport T2 Sakae Sushi Staff Outing !

Halo t2 staff outing:
Date :7 aug 09
Time :6pm
Venue: East Coast Park BBQ plus 1 nite chalet (scare raining hee
price : each ppl $10
contact person :Peh Fun 93728864

Who wan to join us pls reply msg to me(Peik Wai) by latest next wed tks loh !

Just had Tea!

Just went 2 eat something with my dad. I ate fries quite salty though but nt too bad at least it tastes nice ! Had a cup of Kopi ! And nt bad larhs nt as good as Ah Wang(Ah Wang's 1 Fragrant and Thick) !

Ah Hao