Saturday, November 8, 2008

My thumb hurts!

Typing all these post on my mobile hurts my thumb! I am sleeping soon! Tired Good Nites ;-)

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Buying Vista? Don't buy!

If you are thinking of purchasing vista, do not purchase! Wait a while more for Windows 7 to be out !

Xperia X1 launched!

I was one of the feel that meedled with a working Xperia X1 today at Singtel Hello when i asked 3 has already been sold at the outlet ! Wow! Fast huh! Quite difficult to use maybe nt familiar with the new design of the menus as it is the first Sony Ericsson phone to use Windows Mobile ! They didn't use the fast port that they commonly used for Sony Ericsson phones nowadays but instead used those small usb port and has dedicated audio kind of port (glad they implememted the port as the old port gets lose easily if used often! When you keep bending it when taking out the headset from the phone ) the charging has to be via the usb port. I dun like the change from the fast port to the usb i would rather they kept the fast port looks nicer flat from the outside shiny gold not easily dirtied and easily cleaned. While it would not be easy to clean a usb port. Actually tried the panels menu felt that it was quite laggy. If i would wan to buy that phone i would wai! t for people to buy and know whether the phone is good and whether it has any problems first few batches may have problems would be worth the wait! I've learnt my lesson! The price that i estimated was around the price on the market now! It is quite high-end on the overall mobile market in singapore! Another was the Iphone. Dunno whether G-phone would be hitting stores here in singapore! If coming in also need government parkay(approve)! Takes time (longer time to wait for phone to be avaliable for sales in singapore) Yah, shipping also takes time! ;-) Actual phone easier to test. And also looks smaller! (for Xperia X1)

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Shoik after swim? Nehs not so!

Today's swim was not shoik after all. As i was not much energised and refreshed after the swim but about the same as before! I only swam 41+ laps only. Water Quality was not the optimum! Quite dirty, Yucks! :-S My googles kept getting blurred up by mist. In the end i added a bit of water to inside of the googles. It works good idea of mine! :-D hehes! Oh Ya almost forgot! There was this bunch of guys and girls also swimming most for likely competitive swimming. Quite fast i must say! Most likely they train every saturday around that time evening start . Lyk the same people i dun thing i would be like them as wouldn't be going to swim competitive. Most likely swimming towards lifesaving and instructor see how it goes . Still quite a long way to become a lifeguard. Next most likely going for BM series then must learn CPR if in nt wrong then can become lifeguard. Fun eh? Beep! Beep! I think at tamp that pool everyday also got people kena beep at wan! Jus! t now almost kena accident at the pool!
This is how the story goes: Jiong Hao was swimming his laps. When a girl with blue racing swimsuit (most likely arena, you know the type competitors wear at swimming competitions, so does it make the body slimer and more streamlined? So faster speed when swimming?) swam in his direction. Jiong
Hao thought that hmm i should swim to my left then thought i should swim to my right instead! So he swam to his right! Who knows that girl also swam to that direction at quite a fast speed. The girl almost collided into Him but missed. If head to head collision, JIALAT(BIG PROBLEM!) If you take her mass times her acceleration and my mass times my acceleration (Force= Mass x Acceleration). Big Trouble. Huh? Actually physics quite useful ! So those taking 'o' levels must learn physics hor !

Bird in bus!

Hies i am nw in bus 58 and a bird is also taking the same bus as me shocking! On a sbs transit bus! Siah larh so 'lucky'! Still gt leave traces on the bus yucks!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother Teresa

Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. A quote from Mother Terasa .


Black man in a White House! Wads the average RGB value of a Black pixel and a white pixel? Ans: R:128 G:128 B:128

Quote from Senator Obama

those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the people: Yes, we can. - Obama

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Firrt Black President for America !

Black won! Wad ue think? Black a change for America!

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When did smrt fare gate system become so jialat? My card obviously nt expired nt spoiled but the gate says invalid card! Then must be system spoil! But later i tap and tap again magic ue knoe?! Gate open! Dunnoe why sometime siao siao wan ! Some time the faregate tap give red light! SMRT must improve system later the new card cum out kena more problem then jia lat! Btw have ue thought of it? More card more material used more money used more pollution for the environment then dun ue think ue should wonder where the money come from? Must be from the tax payers The government's idea but It's for the good of singapore. I see GOVERMENT always correct ! PEOPLE NO TALK GOVERNMENT ALWAYS RIGHT!(talk waste saliva!) PAP best! Just accept the fact lol! It's for your own good!

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Mt paper over liao!

Yeah my Mother Tongue 'o' levels exam over liao! Relax siah left two more shading paper ue know the mcqs ? Yah those lols very irritating must shade shade waste my time later shade the paper sometimes will black black wan no good dun like! Wonder whose idea it is?

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Lets wait for change as Obama promised! He gd at speaking and at commanding the crowd people repect him i too respect him. Unlike John he's kinda too bossy if ue ask me about him. Hmm Obama has a important role ahead of him cleasing his country's more than a tirllon dollars of debt he must work and prove himself that he is worthy of their vote( The people's vote) He's Supporter must be celebrating by nw hahas!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black or White?

I prefer Obama to John Mcain! So lets wish he would hbve a change for the world! And also clear US's debt which has accumulated to a either trilion or more us dollars. Hmm i thought US very rich? Dun nd to borrow? Still gt debt? How shocking! HEARD THAT SINGAPORE DEBT FREE! But Singapore is a 'fine' country ! Our goverment very efficient! Got ERP(Electronic Road Pricing) siah somemore payment also very fast ue drive past the grantry ur $$ all go to the goverment liao! MOST LIKELY THE FASTEST MONEY COLLECTING SYSTEM FOR ROADS IN THE WORLD 'VERY GD' HOR? Everything the government do is for our own gd leh. It improves our road what the government claims. In singapore must follow law if kena caught get kena letter or fine or court ! So follow!

It looks hazy!

From the time i walk across the street i could see that 2dae kinda hazy with pretty lots of dust in the air! Has Indonesia been burning down the forest? Most likely if nt because of the wind turbulence across the globe that caused it? if indonesia is the culprit they should have tighter laws implemented!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Disqus up and running now !

Disqus up and running now! Now ppl like you surfing my blog/site could now comment on the post through disqus. Just feel free to post on the site! As i said this is a new blog which i created the old one was not updated frequently as i do nopt have the time to post! This blog is powered by mostly by mobile blog posts thus would be blogged more often maybe up to quite a few times a day! Thus ppl would nw be using disqus to post on my site! Yahoo!


Mcafe nice??? A video of Mcafe click to watch!

Ericsson Review Q3

Got my Ericsson Review via mail on saturday for third quarter this year. When i got home i saw the big envelope from Ericsson. I WAS EXCITED wondering wad was in the review for this quarter. What was in stored for me was gonna be a surprise for me btw they changed the design of the ericsson review logo which i noticed. Haben had the time to read the whole review of Q3 as of nw only read a part of it ! Having exams so no time! Realli ! But gonna end sn but gonna wan to work after that if nt stay at hme would rot siah but mst likely would give myself off day and mst likely a second tuesday of the month as gonna have a user group meeting in the nites so see ya for nw!

At mac nw!

Hmm i nw at mac savouring my fd, my breakfast. The auntie there was nice she knew wad i want kinda a frequent customer. while another customer is at the counter and ordering with her kids around her she saw me nt the person at the counter but another of the crew and poof i got my fd gd job that should how macdonald's shld be that branch Loyang Point, Pasir Ris, Singapore

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nvr go podcamp singapore!

Aiyas yesterdae nvr go podcamp sg friend nvr go so in the end also nvr go instead went out with my family members But if they had held it at suntec or a place easy to go i would have gone most likely but yes the adobe must go bk liao marhx once in a few years! get to be updated of the latest improvements and changes

FW: Adobe Reader 9 & Philippine Diving :-)

Must read worh help my friend win !
Company Adobe !

Anyone gt GD LOBANG ?

So any lobang? Here looking for temporary job for after 'o' levels gt long break marhx Dun wish to rot at home. Hehes maybe if can find a gd job with gd pay and if i get enough $$$ left maybe, maybe only, could get erm dslr or Xperia X1? Maybe only hahas ! Must work towards it lols yeah! But first my 'O's then find a job then... ... See how it goes hehes! Watching tv nw going to sleep soon! Must Relax marhx!