Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi long long time nvr post liaos Siah !!!~~Hmm THIS POST IS for 2Dae! ... ... ... ... ... ...

(Caution: Written in Singlish. Do not COMMENT ON THE english, "OFFICIAL SINGAPORE LANGUAGE"!)

System.out.println("JAVA HAHAS!!!") Quote- Aung San Win
IF ue gonna Ask me about java that wad i remembered about it and influenced by him TOO!
Sumore BOOlean,INT ... ... ...
Just now WENT to PP(Parkway Parade) WIT Another 2 Guys!!!(hahas),With Clamise and Suddendly could not rmb the other guy yah Adam!. Correct it was them. And i was without my phone throughout the Whole Journey those who know me would knoe that it is not like me! (because i'm normally 24/7 Contactable! , Except when there is no Reception or My Ph goes kuku once in a while~!!! )Which Just happened yesterday I mean totally got prob liaos,B4 it already had problem Already having problems with the buttons Thus SMSing would be a issue yesterdae was worse thus bo bian must use my old ph which does not have /little batt thus went out without one. Hehes drank a cup of BBT(Bubbly Tea AKA Bubble Tea!) Total three Cups. Clamise actually thought of buying lollipop for us then i suggessted that we go buy and bring to class and SUCK IT in class!!! Good IDEA? RYTE? HEHES! UE know WAD i MEAN! NOW at Mac Using their ELECTRICITY.
Ate at hme then ate MCSPICY HOT HOT SHOIK SHOIK SIAH BAGUS CANTEH! Aku SUKA MCSPICY DUN LYK THE FRIES. I think thats all for now dun wan to be to LO SO(AKA sort of talk So0O LONG !)!!!



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