Friday, July 10, 2009

2dae was great!

2dae was WOW With clamise who spiced up the aftn i was holding my cup of zapple sipping away at it as i walk down the stairs with Adam, Han Chao, Clamise infront with Han trying to scare me while walking down the stairs which nt successful then clamise did it after i followed them. And poof! warh!? I kena zapple ! Luckily hand and head! To Clamise: thats a gd 1 though !
Arigato thanks for reading!
*2moro cosfest any1 going heard daicon(Malaysia) also 2moro start!
Jiong Hao

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is how coral secondary school looks lyk now! taken using My Phone ! hehes nothing better to do now soo post lols Nice pic? Anot?

I'm bored lols!

Dunno wad to do now actually got apel to do but bored dun feel lyk doing it lols. But must do most lykly doing later. Warh got one country the macdonald the oil kena problem siah! i was looking at that news with quite a bit of attention. hehes dun eat too much oily food siah! No good for health! (but nice hahas!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hungry !!!

Wondering where i'm going to eat later lols! Just now ate some seaweed and i apple flavoured softdrink ! Grr waiting to go out to eat lols.

Looks lyk i keep on bumping into hazel !

Ehhs Thinking about it why i always bump into hazel?
Yeasterdae met here on Bus 3 and i noticed her with flinda and waved at her!
2dae She saw me and poked me! Then i was lyk hies ! (But 2dae she alone ! Flinz still having lessons! )

Ben's Sms to me.( Advisory Vulgar ! )

to all of you bastard , pls submit all your schedule by today or else I will put u all full shift weekends.

cc: k.wen, karen, p. yi, jing2, yen, hao.

Wondering the schdule for next wk !

Damn that Ben (manager!) he has gotten vulgar har? I got his sms just nw Starting the sms with you all bastards then cc to most of the part time staff! Nw to tink about it what schedule should i give? Sian siah! I'm tired lying on my bed sideways. Thinking about someone ... ...

On the bus to school !

The time is running out and the bus driver drive kinda slow lerhs so waiting for the bus to rock me to the bus stop dunno still have tp bus bo siah!