Saturday, November 15, 2008

Creative Crew is expanding!

We got quite a lot of appliation forms filled up and that means more members ! Stefano(Manager of the user group) asked our co-manager to pass me the forms to type but i couldnt possibly type it out, my own computer crashed and kinda using my brother's computer (he is not very happy with the arrangement though) If i used had to tolerate him Argh! Wait till i get my hands on my own laptop! And currently finding a job, very difficult to find one during this period of time, couldn't possibly rot at home! But Stefano need not work so hard ( He needs to take care of his wife(Very Impt) ;-) ) I got my friend Linus to take care of the work since he could type it in the weekends he said.
Crews who were there that day, some of us went to have
Pizza Hut.
In the end we took pics with the speakers(Tim Cole too) and Ms Marianne Young !
* Stefano take care of your wife, wishing her get well soon ! :-)

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Adobe sure cares!

Firstly, in our kit was a obscene dildo. Secondly, the programmes work seamlessly together. Thirdly, the speakers were good except the sponsor's speakers which was boring. Forthly, we got quite a lot who join Creative Crew.
Fifthly, It was good of them to give us a copy each of the Creative Suite 4 Master Collection(Shoik hor!)
Last but not least i got a Adobe Creative Suite 4 Jacket(cool!- yar for EXTREMELY cold temperature, gonna make me look like a POLAR BEAR, Yes it is WHITE!)
Ashley Wearne, was damn crappy. He kinda made the place look like a cult. He asked us to raise our hand in the end he asked us to put our hand in our pockets to get out our credit cards Hahas!
*Actually the Dildo that was named in the first paragraph was a water bottle member of the crew also have similiar thought on the design of the water bottle but it was CLASSY !

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Met Tim Cole

Saw tim yesterday. But i could not direct him to concord hotel. I'm living in singapore and dunno where it is was very pai seh!(embarrassing) later having my breakfast most likely!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was at Suntec just now!

I saw the Rock, people were setting up the place for the launch! Met one of the speakers. I went to catch a movie at Eng Wah warh sound quality was shoik and it was digital better than gv a little better than cathay but cathay the seats good! I watched James Bond Quatum Of Solace. Not much gadgets and girls (You know what i mean by that) as the shows before
I like James Bond Die Another Day. The car swee swee(nice!) Overturned still can move plus the satelite. But this time round the fighting and escaping plus the car manuver was well captured plus the extremely good sound Quality. Another thing was the storyline was kind of confusing and the movie was not ended nicely. Hmm this new bond better than the old? I wished i had the table that was in the movie. Every bond movie sure got gal do funny things (kissing,etc) but this time round they or i should say the director changed his style of doing it as they cut off the 'unnessary' parts unlike the ol! der versons. Hahas but i still Prefer HITMAN UNRATED good show kinda gt killing and assasination but gt nude scenes if ue dun mind watch if you mind maybe you should watch the rated version, maybe no nude scenes i not sure as i have not watched the censored someone bluetooth me the movie. Another would be jeeja yanin chocolate(thai) and untraceable (watched it in german or hungarian voice if im nt wrong)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Atm card cnt Activate !

Warh liao eh! My atm card just cannot be activated try two times at the atm machine still cannot activate. Wan make card make better 1 dun make problematic ones ryte?

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Haiz finding job is kanasai (Pek Chek argh!) :@

Finding jobs nowadays are difficult ! Finding jobs when the whole world is having financial problems is worst! When would the bull market come again? Ten years later? Warh very long leh! Fast cum better lol get more jobs lol!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adobe and Yahoo renovating !

Warh both adobe and yahoo are renovating making FUG members nowhere to house the meeting making shun jie busy finding a alternative event for FUG . I would suggest nus the wan near Dhoby ghaut mrt they sponsored Podcamp singapore. May they would sponsor FUG the venue. IF not try av8 at waterloo street or ACE at albert OG both near bugis but must walk thats my suggestions. Poor Guy btw thanks for the email!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mad man robs bank !

ChannelNewsAsia: Man arrested for threatening UOB bank officers with parcel that might explode.
That man must be kuku(crazy!) Go rob bank in Singapore? He sure has the guts but the brain? Not too sure about that! Maybe none at all ! Long long time never hear go bank kena rob in singapore already lerhs! Tomorrow most likely coverpage big big wan!

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Saw Cynthia!

I ate finish my mixed vegetable rice liao. Just now when i was eating i saw Cynthia and her mum and also her dad most likely. Hahas she never noticed me she passed the shop at where i had dinner. Hehes most likely she not working today as i didn't saw her at loyang point when i was having my lunch today i ate chicken rice the auntie not bad with me wan! I ate roasted chicken wing ! Soup was nice got peanut some more!

Sunday, November 9, 2008