Thursday, August 13, 2009

APCN2 cable cut cripples connections

By Victoria Ho, ZDNet Asia
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 04:50 PM
A cut in the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) undersea submarine cable crippled connection speeds for users in the Asia-Pacific region on Wednesday, particularly in Singapore and the Philippines.
Users were sending updates to local forums and Twitter, complaining of slow connection speeds to sites hosted outside of the region.
According to a notice sent by Malaysian telco, TM Net, the cable fault was traced to segment 7 of the APCN2, which stretches between Shantou, China and Tanshui, Taiwan. TM Net traced the outage to Typhoon Morakot, which hit the region over the weekend.
Additionally, segment 1 of the APCN2 is also currently under repair. Repairs on segment 7 are expected to commence after work on segment 1 is completed.
Internet connection speeds are expected to return to normal late evening Aug. 13, according to the advisory.
Singapore operator, SingTel, confirmed the cable fault in an e-mail to ZDNet Asia, saying that customers can expect to face high latency as a result. It added that its STIX (SingTel Internet Exchange) Internet backbone provider is working on rectifying the issue.
A status update posted on showed SingTel's Singapore gateway registered a score of only 34 points, compared to the global average "health" of network connections, which was 86 points as at 3pm Singapore time on Wednesday.
The site first started registering increased response time and packet loss in Singapore at 8pm Tuesday evening.
Back in 2006, the APCN2 was taken out by a powerful earthquake in Taiwan. Internet access was reportedly badly disrupted and halted in some parts of Asia after the quake.

Source: is kudos to ZDNET for being able to dig this up from singtel.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jrock is nice !

I am typing this while listening to Phantasmagoria's Song ! Yeah JRock! Nice! Heard BLEAH 230 just Released Yesterdae Nite !!!

Share your memories online with anyone you want anyone you want.

Changi Airport T2 Sakae Sushi Staff Outing !

Halo t2 staff outing:
Date :7 aug 09
Time :6pm
Venue: East Coast Park BBQ plus 1 nite chalet (scare raining hee
price : each ppl $10
contact person :Peh Fun 93728864

Who wan to join us pls reply msg to me(Peik Wai) by latest next wed tks loh !

Just had Tea!

Just went 2 eat something with my dad. I ate fries quite salty though but nt too bad at least it tastes nice ! Had a cup of Kopi ! And nt bad larhs nt as good as Ah Wang(Ah Wang's 1 Fragrant and Thick) !

Ah Hao

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saw David Gan !

Warh just nw saw David Gan ! As i was going in to the gents he was pull his stuff along as he was walking out i moved to a side and made space for him and said hi and he said hi back cool ! Ehs those ppl who wan 2 become hot must find him he can make ue hot ! I think he is flying off to some event overseas !

Jiong Hao

Worh 2dae have lab test !(Pi Pok Pi Pok!)

The heart have 2 work hard pumping the blood to the brain to keep oxygenised keeping it focused ! When the person is nervous the person's body is prepared for fight or flight situation !(Biology: Thanks to Miss Chan ! ) Me must have fight situation then ! Hate tests !

Jiong Hao

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Singapore no Tsunami but rain! shit jusu nw kena rain nw on bus cold siah(nt really because of the rain but the air-conditioning!) Brrr !

Monday, July 20, 2009

I guess i'll post my post nw!

I guess i'll post my post nw. After gasping in plenty of air, after running so much(short strip of road) Just as i thought after the bus went another 1 came i'm in luck 2dae huh? Nw going sch lols sumore first lesson Emath lagi jialat at least i got clamise to pei me through it =P

Jiong Hao

Friday, July 17, 2009

Actually wanted to blog yesterdae!

Nvr blog yesterdae nite. Tired 2 blog siah . Went to Ang Mo Kio(Tomato) hub to watch harry and then went to orchard then rocked hme and f33l the journey as lon as always and after dae i changed to bus 3. Actually i wanted to get Mcflurry (Nice!). Nvr buy go hme still got Bak Kut Teh(pork in spice soup! Sorry! muslims and those who dun take pork !) I ate it with mee sua. Hmm yum yum nice and spicy soup ! Didnt on the com when i went hme lols ... ...

Jiong Hao

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How do ue pronaunce Tampines?

Is supposed to be pronounce as
Some pronounce as
Another is Salt
It is supposed to be salt nt sult !
Special thanks to Kumbar =)
For highlighting it !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mozzie alert !

Is mozzie on the rise? I think so lerhs. I've been stung dunno how many times le. Itchy, Itchy, Itch ! Now raining somemore brr cold !
Why is the ocean blue ?
Because fishes go blue blue blue(bubbles cuming out frm mouth!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bug on N86 8MP

I found a bug on the N86's fm transmitter feature. The phone has problem with the fm transmitter. Starts working perfectly fine and later it could nt work at all unless using soft reset ! And hangs frequently when using phone !
Jiong Hao

Studied until 2dae morn quite early Yawn lols

On the bus nw so coincidence Hazel took same bus as me. Wonder why she took bus 3 2dae ! normally dun see her taking bus 3 I'm still stuck in Pasir Ris. Plenty of vehicles here . Wan 2 slp wish the air con later can wake me up ! Resting 4 nw.
Jiong Hao

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2dae is going to be a 'Fun(烦)'ny Day !

2dae is gonna be 'Fun(烦)'ny. As got a lot of stuff must study & work to do lols ! All for Monday the big dae !(Teachers should work 2gether to help the student not to be soo stressed lols dun you think so too ?) Laate liaoss i wan Slp liaos. Still haben finish Psing the photos Taken 2dae at Cosfest. And of course haben upload ! (It takes TIME lols! ) Yawn! ... ...
Bye Bye


炯 ごう

Friday, July 10, 2009

2dae was great!

2dae was WOW With clamise who spiced up the aftn i was holding my cup of zapple sipping away at it as i walk down the stairs with Adam, Han Chao, Clamise infront with Han trying to scare me while walking down the stairs which nt successful then clamise did it after i followed them. And poof! warh!? I kena zapple ! Luckily hand and head! To Clamise: thats a gd 1 though !
Arigato thanks for reading!
*2moro cosfest any1 going heard daicon(Malaysia) also 2moro start!
Jiong Hao

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is how coral secondary school looks lyk now! taken using My Phone ! hehes nothing better to do now soo post lols Nice pic? Anot?

I'm bored lols!

Dunno wad to do now actually got apel to do but bored dun feel lyk doing it lols. But must do most lykly doing later. Warh got one country the macdonald the oil kena problem siah! i was looking at that news with quite a bit of attention. hehes dun eat too much oily food siah! No good for health! (but nice hahas!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hungry !!!

Wondering where i'm going to eat later lols! Just now ate some seaweed and i apple flavoured softdrink ! Grr waiting to go out to eat lols.

Looks lyk i keep on bumping into hazel !

Ehhs Thinking about it why i always bump into hazel?
Yeasterdae met here on Bus 3 and i noticed her with flinda and waved at her!
2dae She saw me and poked me! Then i was lyk hies ! (But 2dae she alone ! Flinz still having lessons! )

Ben's Sms to me.( Advisory Vulgar ! )

to all of you bastard , pls submit all your schedule by today or else I will put u all full shift weekends.

cc: k.wen, karen, p. yi, jing2, yen, hao.

Wondering the schdule for next wk !

Damn that Ben (manager!) he has gotten vulgar har? I got his sms just nw Starting the sms with you all bastards then cc to most of the part time staff! Nw to tink about it what schedule should i give? Sian siah! I'm tired lying on my bed sideways. Thinking about someone ... ...

On the bus to school !

The time is running out and the bus driver drive kinda slow lerhs so waiting for the bus to rock me to the bus stop dunno still have tp bus bo siah!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please Give Comments on my site thanks.

Heys viewers could ue give me comments on my web? Thanks!

炯 Jiong hao

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 New Domain Name !

This is my new Web Address.

炯 Jiong Hao

Soo sad my psp went into the Sony Service Center

Soo sad my psp makes noises when without the umds and the music button on ,my psp does not function well does not mute the psp though when pressed. Now had to depend on my W910i to listen to music sux Man! I love my psp 3006!

炯 Jiong hao

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi long long time nvr post liaos Siah !!!~~Hmm THIS POST IS for 2Dae! ... ... ... ... ... ...

(Caution: Written in Singlish. Do not COMMENT ON THE english, "OFFICIAL SINGAPORE LANGUAGE"!)

System.out.println("JAVA HAHAS!!!") Quote- Aung San Win
IF ue gonna Ask me about java that wad i remembered about it and influenced by him TOO!
Sumore BOOlean,INT ... ... ...
Just now WENT to PP(Parkway Parade) WIT Another 2 Guys!!!(hahas),With Clamise and Suddendly could not rmb the other guy yah Adam!. Correct it was them. And i was without my phone throughout the Whole Journey those who know me would knoe that it is not like me! (because i'm normally 24/7 Contactable! , Except when there is no Reception or My Ph goes kuku once in a while~!!! )Which Just happened yesterday I mean totally got prob liaos,B4 it already had problem Already having problems with the buttons Thus SMSing would be a issue yesterdae was worse thus bo bian must use my old ph which does not have /little batt thus went out without one. Hehes drank a cup of BBT(Bubbly Tea AKA Bubble Tea!) Total three Cups. Clamise actually thought of buying lollipop for us then i suggessted that we go buy and bring to class and SUCK IT in class!!! Good IDEA? RYTE? HEHES! UE know WAD i MEAN! NOW at Mac Using their ELECTRICITY.
Ate at hme then ate MCSPICY HOT HOT SHOIK SHOIK SIAH BAGUS CANTEH! Aku SUKA MCSPICY DUN LYK THE FRIES. I think thats all for now dun wan to be to LO SO(AKA sort of talk So0O LONG !)!!!



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